Thermal Fogger HTF-10 Made in Turkey

Thermal Fogger HTF-10 Made in Turkey

Thermal fogging machines introduce a new generation of ultra-fine droplets in the 1-50 micron range, which is made possible through thermo-pneumatic energy. Once liquid substances have been vaporized in the unit, they form very fine aerosols which condense the moment they come into contact with the cool ambient air.

The HTF-10 thermal fogger is ideal for pest control where active substances need to be uniformly sprayed in or around inaccessible places, without leaving any undesirable residues. The thermal fogging machine is also great for treating fairly large spaces or areas using the least amount of pesticide – which means significantly less operational work and very little harm to the environment.

Boasting a sleek and lightweight 8.5 kg design and a 28 HP motor that draws its energy from the 2.1-liter fuel tank, this cutting-edge thermal fogger can either be carried over the shoulder or mounted on the back of a pickup truck.

Thermal Fogger HTF-10

Power 28 HP – 17,5 kW
Fuel Tank Volume 2.1 LT
Ignition Electronic ignition coil fed by 4 x 1.5V “A”dry Batteries
Average Fuel Consumption 1-1,9 lt/ h
Start up System Manual
Solution Depot Capacity 5-10 lt (Optional)
Cut off System Optional
Average Solution Consumption 5-15 lt/ h
Empty Weight 8,6 kg
Sizes (cm) 125x38x33