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Buy ivermectin 6 mg, Buy ivermectin 6 mg

Buy ivermectin 6 mg, Buy ivermectin 6 mg

  • Product Code.: P-BF-400
  • Weight : 95 ㎏
  • Type : Thermal Aerosol Fog
  • Starting Method : Fully Automatic Complete Remote Control
  • Gasoline Tank Capacity : 16 Liter (8 L * 2ea)
  • Power Supply : Car Power
  • Gasoline Consumption : 3.3 Liter / hr
  • Solution Tank Capacity : 100 Liter ~ 150 Liter
  • Solution Output : 100 Liter / Hr
  • Solution Tank Material : Stainless still
  • Size(W × L × H) : 710 × 1330 × 490 (㎜)


  • Packing size (L x W x H)
  • Body : 1550 X 725 X 610
  • Chemical Tank : 1080 X 425 X 500
  • Body + Chemical Tank : 1550 X 1220 X 610
  • Gross Weight
  • Body : 90 kg
  • Chemical Tank : 20 kg
  • Body + Chemical Tank : 110 kg


  • This machine has a control box, so the machine can be placed in the back of an open bed truck and operated by a passenger in the vehicle.
  • Start-up is simple.

    The 12 V DC battery of the truck is used by connecting it to the control box. Then you simply press the start and fuel buttons at the same time, and the machine will start.

  • Durability of the Machine.

    This machine is made almost entirely of stainless steel(chemical tank, fuel tank etc), which prevents corrosion due to chemical, and fuels.

  • It is not necessary to use an additional battery because you can use the battery of the vehicle.
  • Little heat generation

    The machine has been designed so it is cooled by two air-intake valves, that are connected to the fuel ignition part of the machine.

  • Strong Igniter

    The igniter used a 12 V DC battery so that starting the machine is quick and easy.

  • Easily Repaired

    All components are designed for easy assembly / disassembly, the fuel line is made of a transparent material, and the spark plug is easily seen, so it easy to spot problems when the happen.

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