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SM 700 “Thermal Fogging Machine”

SM700 Thermal Fogging machine has 2 hours non-stop working capacity.

Vehicle mounted thermal fogging work with automatic start.

SM700 has long distance spraying capacity.

The reason clients and customers prefer WhiteFog products and it’s fogging machines is because of the highest quality materials used and problem free machines.

1 Year warranted, 10 year spare part keeping guarantee.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Test Reports exist on droplets size measurement.are especially designed from best quality materials,
to be mounted on vehicles and feature a remote control system for effective outdoor and indoor treatments.
These units can be operated perfectly from the inside of the driver cabin.
They include an 12v Dc electric start system for reasonable operation of start/stop and fogging.
The most effective and economical treatments of their kind (Thermal Foggers) in large areas and spaces,
kill all the flying and crawling insects.

Where to Use?

Fogging in agricultural and rural areas (cotes, barns, poultry houses); plant protection in
greenhouses and plantations, additionally functions as an anti freezer in green houses.
Stock protection in silos, store rooms (food and agricultural products, textiles and tobacco)
Public health and hygiene in the human area. Vector Control (Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya etc).
Kills all the flying and crawling insects, mosquito. Used at canalization, hotels, amusement parks, golf courses, military sites,
holiday camps and villages, green fields and forests, marshlands, factories, winter-summer houses. Used under municipalities
public health and hygiene.
Odor control around marshlands, canalization, wastewater-affluent, mass garbage areas.
Strong Pulse-Jet Engine Stainless Steel Tanks PE fuel filter Stainless Steel Parts Compact Size

Some superior specifications compared to other “Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogging” machines ;WhiteFog_SM700_Catalog


Engine Power 42.1 Kw (57.3 hp)
Burn Cell Frequency 36.200 Kcal/sec
Pesticide Tank 50 Lt.
Solution tank pressure 0.4 Bar
Gasoline Tank 4.5 Lt
Gasoline tank pressure 0.2 Bar
Electrical Power 12 Volt
Impact Area Open Area 50 m
Solution Consumption 60 Lt./hour
Gasoline Consumption 4.5 Lt./hour
Weight 40 Kg.
Dimensions ( L X H X W ) 55 X 71 X 199 cm

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