Cockroach and Lizard Glue Traps

Cockroach and Lizard Glue Traps

Roach INN Trap for Lizard and Cockroach Control

  • Roach Glue Trap
  • Powerful & Inexpensive
  • No poison/No mess/No odour
  • Catching cockroach easily
  • No harming to the environment
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Not flow at 80 °C
  • Materials: plastic tray & polybutene
  • Easy to use


Do not place folders where birds and other non-targeted animals may come in contact with the Glue.

Rats usually travel along walls and corners of rooms. Place the open folders at often used portals of rats,and along walls and corners of rooms.

Since the Glue may soil floors,place the open folders on a protective surface,such as a sheet of newspaper.Moisture,dust,rubbish and other particles that collect on the rat’s feet will weaken the Glue strength. Avoid placing open folders where such particles are prevalent. Clean floors prior to placing folder.

Keep out of reach of children and house pets. If Glue should get stuck to hands,utensils,floors,or other objects,it can be removed by applying vegetable oil and then washing the hand or object with mild detergent and water

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