Do you worry about Termite Infestation? This article will pack the informative material about Termite control in Sialkot. Termites are attracted to houses and other buildings that target wood as a food source. Once they found an origin of food and alerted the rest of the termite colony. Destruction begins with the mania of feeding. Proper pest control measures eliminate termites. 

Furthermore, if the homeowners spot that they attack by these little creatures, they need to control termites soon. Termites can quietly cause extensive damage to the wooden structures of houses and buildings and are therefore called silent destroyers. 

Know the Different Types of Termites

 Two types of termites worry you.

Underground termites: Underground termites live in both your primary wood, soil, and any compost heap around your home. They make earthen tubes, or highways out of wood and mud, to travel to your home. This type of termite is generally more harmful than dry wood termites, as they have saw-toothed jaws. Over time, underground termites can completely demolish a building. Subterranean termites are 3-6 inches long and narrow in shape. Their color depends on their caste. The workers are light cream, while the soldiers have body color and their heads are brown. Reproductive termites have two types and colors. The primary products are black or brown, and the others are creamy white. Underground termite colonies can grow from 100,000 to 1 million termites.

Dry wood Termites: Although underground termites need contact with soil to survive, dry wood termites can only live in wood. They do not make mud tubes for travelling, and they are usually found only in warm coastal areas. Dry wood termites are 3-6 inches in size and range in colour. Termites that directly damage the forest are white, like ground termites. The winged dry wood termites range from yellow-tan to light brown. Drywood termite colonies can have up to 2,500 members.

How to Identify Signs of Termites?

Two major groups of termites can cause damage. These are known as underground termites and wood termites. The symptoms of the infection will depend on the type of termite present. Hidden termites live underground and build their colonies on the soil. They leave traces of mud tube formation on the exterior walls of the building. You may also find feathery termites or clusters of lost feathers in the affected areas. Wood termites tend to attack pieces of wooden furniture. You can find the cracks on the floor with the finish of the cracked and damaged paint. The tiny particles around the base of the damaged furniture are probably frostbite, drops of wood termites.

What are the Potential Termite Control Products?

Termites are insects that eat wood, often damaging homes and buildings. Termites can damage the structural integrity of homes and must be meetly disposed of to eliminate the colony and protect the house. Fortunately, with the right choice of Termite control products in Sialkot, you can treat termites, saving time and money in the process.

Homeowners can use Termite control spray in Sialkot around their homes to prevent dry wood termites from entering the house. Before treating termites, you need to ensure that you have termites, not ants or other insects. 

 The Termite control chemical in Sialkot works to kill termites when they are swallowed. It does not happen immediately, allowing the infected insects to come in contact and transmit the venom to other termites. It works by destroying the central nervous system of termites when they come in contact.

Final words Knowing about Termite control can provide informative material on many different safe and effective treatments.