The SOLO high-pressure syringe 433 achieves a powerful performance with its powerful 4-stroke engine: the adjustable working pressure of the double piston pump achieves up to 30 bar and thus produces the finest spray mist at the same time with a maximum reach at a delivery rate of up to 2.4 l / min. With 20 liters of nominal volume , long working phases are possible without refilling. A practical drainage at the bottom of the container allows complete emptying of the residual liquid. The SOLO 433 has a 50 cm long stainless steel spray tube and a manometer on the rugged hand valve for the application-oriented pressure control. Also included is a high-quality double nozzle with nozzle discs made of stainless steel.




Nominal volume liters 20
empty weight kg 9.8
Sound pressure level dB (A) 82
Sound power level guaranteed dB (A) 95
Vibration value m / s² ≤ 2.0
engine 4-T-Honda GX 25
Displacement cm³ 25
Stainless steel double nozzle
Adjustable by max. bar To 30
Delivery rate l / min with standard nozzle 1.0 l at 5 bar ➡ 1.7 l at 10 bar ➡ 2.0 l at 20 bar ➡ 2.4 l at 30 bar
K value according to Directive 2006/42 / EC 2.5 dB (A); 2 m / s2
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