Even in enclosed areas such as winter gardens or greenhouses, efficient work and high performance need not be dispensed with. For these special applications, SOLO offers the 417 rechargeable battery syringe . It emits noiseless and whisper-quiet material, which is made of the transparent, high-strength, UV-resistant, 18-liter plastic storage container . The powerful, two-stage switchable 12 V pump with up to 4.3 bar ensures the necessary pressure and high throughput. At low empty weight, fatigue-free working is guaranteed. If the battery is empty, the charger will recharge it within a few hours. The SOLO 417 also has a comfortable, padded carrying frame with wide, also padded shoulder straps.




Nominal volume liters 18
empty weight kg 7.6
spray wand Plastic, 50 cm
battery pack Lead-Gel
Power V / Ah 11.1 / 7.8
fan nozzle
Injection pressure two-stage bar 2.5 / 4.3
Delivery rate l / min with standard nozzle Ⅰ 1.07 Ⅱ 1.42
delivery Manometer, waist belt
Sound pressure level dB (A) ≤ 70
Sound power level guaranteed dB (A) ≤ 70
Vibration value m / s² ≤ 2.0
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