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Pigeon/ Rock Doves

  Doves and pigeons build relatively flimsy nests – often using sticks and other debris – which may be placed on trees, ledges, or the ground, depending on species. They lay one to two eggs at a time, and both parents care for the young, which leave the nest after seven to 28 days

Bed bug

  It is an oval, flattened insect about 4 to 5 mm long that hides in cracks and crevices. It has a four-segmented beak that is hidden under the head. Bed bugs are brownish red, but may be bright red immediately after feeding. They usually feed at night while the host is sleeping.


  They have eight pair of legs, with the pedipalps enlarged for pinching. They also have a stinger located at the tip of the tail. The stinger is connected to poison glands and can cause a painful sting. They usually are found outdoors under logs and debris, feeding on insects such as cockroaches. However, they […]

House and Field Crickets

  They have long, threadlike antennae. The hind legs are enlarged for jumping. Females have a long ovipositor and two cerci at the tip of the abdomen; males have only two cerci. They are found outdoors in plant beds, wood piles, and debris. They can crawl into homes and make a chirping noise by rubbing […]


  They are wingless, flattened insects with two or three filaments at the rear end of the abdomen. Their antennae are long and filamentous. Silverfish are gray and their bodies are covered with scales. They are about 20 mm long. In buildings, they can feed on starch and fabric. They often damage book bindings.