ANTS (3)

Carpenter ant

  Carpenter ants are large ants that nest in hollows of woods. The nest is usually associated with wood decay or termite damage in a house. Outdoors, carpenter ants nest in mulch and debris. They do not consume wood; they hollow it out for nests. Control is best achieved by following the ants back to […]

Ghost ant

  Ghost ants are tiny ants with a dark head and thorax and a pale abdomen. Ghost ant colonies are found in switch plates and electrical outlets and in other dark voids. They can nest either outdoors or indoors. Colonies of ghost ants have many queens. The workers are small and difficult to see, but […]

Pharaoh ant

  Pharaoh ant nest in dark voids inside or around structures. Usual nest locations are wall voids, behind molding, in insulation in refrigerators, in cardboard, between sheets of paper and in soil of potted plants. Electric outlets and switch plates are excellent areas for pharoah ant nests. Their colonies have many queens. The workers are […]