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Diapronil (Fepronil) is a German product developed by BASF that ensures intensive and total control (killer) against all species of termites and wood boring insects by a unique mode of action. Diapronil is odorless, non repellant, low toxic, low concentration termiticide having long residual effect. It is a slow acting poison with cascading effect. When the poisoned insect returns to the valley it kills others in the same nesting site, so even hitting a single termite kills all of them. Diapronil is available in 2.5 SC and 2.5 EC formulation.


The installation of a chemical soil barrier requires expert knowledge and specialized equipment to form a complete and continuous barrier to protect the building from a termite entry and infestation – as illustrated below:


Trench and treat soil around                                                              Trench and treat soil around walls

external concrete slab edge                                                                 and piers in the sub-floor area

Treatment of soil along / around                                                    Drill concrete floor along expansion  joints

the external perimeter.                                                                     and cracks, and treat soil thereunder.


Drill concrete floor around pipes                                Drill concrete patio areas and treat soil

and treat soil thereunder.                                              area therein-a high risk termite nest location.

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