Thermal fogger BW-25

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Boschwise-BW-25,Thermal Fogger machine

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Name:                    Thermal Fogger machine

Brand:                    Boschwise

Model:                    BW-25

Industry:             Machinery

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Equipped with Swirl Injection Engine, High efficiency, Fuel saving, more powerful and longer spraying distance
Excellent and thin mist to be generated when mounted with High Efficient Spraying Tube.
Having two spraying tubes which can spray both smog and fog.
Special designed for Auto Igniting, easy to start.
More accurate, more innovative
Easy to maintain Technical Configures
Size1345*280*330 (mm)
Fuel Consumption1.8-2.0L/H
Spraying Capacity5-42L/H
Maximum Power≥19.0KW

Mist Diameter<30µm   

Solution Tank Capacity6.0L

Oil Tank Capacity1.8L
Ignite Power Supply2x1.5V 1# dry cell
Fuel Type90# purified gasoline
Aerosol Type: 0# diesel oil or special carrier
Net Weight8.5KG
Areas to be used for: Sanitation and Epidemic prevention for both indoors and outdoors. Insects killing for plants.
Type: Garden
Power Source: Gasoline engine
Tank Capacity: 6.0L
Net Weight: About 8.5Kg xxx

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