Land Scaping

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Outdoor areas are often the last to receive design attention, but they shouldn’t be. What surrounds your home is just as important as what is in it. Whether it is the manicured front lawn, the infinity edge pool in the back or the rose garden just outside the home office, these spaces benefit from the same attention to detail as any bathroom or kitchen. Well designed landscapes complement the home’s architecture and design, giving the home a story that can be read inside and out. By carrying your design style outdoors, you can turn a patio, deck, or even a balcony into another room of the house.

In the backyard, plan space for your lifestyle by incorporating ample seating, outdoor tables, cushions covered in outdoor fabrics, play areas, eating spots and sunning areas. Many outdoor spaces have become quite elaborate, including seating areas, fireplaces and fire pits, barbecue counters, full-size kitchens and dining areas. If you have a pool, you may want to incorporate a cabana. Or you may create a basketball court or a spot for bocce ball or croquet. Even if your space isn’t that elaborate, you can still create a relaxing spot for lounging and entertaining.

Popular garden features include pergolas, patios, garden paths, outdoor lighting, container gardens, garden sheds and cottages, raised beds, vegetable gardens, birdbaths and feeders, and beautiful borders. New interest in edible gardening, water conservation and befriending wildlife has led to innovative designs for vegetable gardens, permeable paving, organic gardening and native plants. In the front yard, paved, stone and brick paths, thriving garden borders and lighting add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.


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Rodent Control

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The third smart specie on the face of the earth after human beings and monkeys are rats. They damage property, Valuable documents, furniture, fixtures etc. Beside causing dangerous disease i.e. Plague.Nayab Pest Control applies advance methods and systematic services to control this smart and dangerous animal. Nayab Pest Control has vast experience of controlling Rats at Fertilizers, Oil& Gas , Sugar , Cement, Textile , Hospitals and Hotel Industries etc 3 months guarantee is provided involving periodic treatment. All complaints arising during guaranteed period are attended free of charge.

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Fumigation Service

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Nayab Pest Control Service is one of the industry’s leading companies in fumigation technology, and in tracking and responding to changing trends. Our service procedures will protect the quality of your perishable items, and will comply with all government regulations, technical and safety training, licensing, and use of certified applicators. We work with internationally recognized food safety consultants.

Nayab Pest Control Service offers timely, cost-effective treatment solutions to meet fumigation challenges.

    You can always trust on us to be serious about safety and security. Our certified applicators are on site at every fumigation to prevent problems from occurring. Additionally, we were the first fumigation company in the Pakistan who is member of International companies like (NATIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, BRITISH PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION). We offer a wealth of resources, experience and consulting relationships.

We’re pro-active supporters in the search for safe, effective alternatives to methyl bromide.

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Termite Proofing

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Termite damages wood and losses are in billions of dollars per year. Termite is found in all structures build by human beings .They live underneath the soil and comes up in search of food .Wood is their favorite food. Termite damages all objects other than made-up of metal i.e. furniture ,fixture, carpets, currency, documents, cloths etc.

There are two kinds of termite proofing:-

  • Post Construction Termite Proofing

  • Pre Construction Termite Proofing

Precaution is better than cure. Hence it’s strongly recommended that buildings must be treated against Termites during construction.

Nayab Pest Control Fumicon’s experts and trained professionals treats the buildings by applying latest technology .Safe and best termiticide available in the world are applied.

This service is guaranteed for five years. All complaints arising during guaranteed period are attended free of charge.

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